A variety of websites are available with images or useful information about zooplankton.  Below, we have listed a selection of sites we have found to date. Since the number of websites is rapidly growing, we invite users to forward the addresses (URLs) of additional ones they find to John Havel or Erin Hutchison.


MSU Department of Biology

Aquatic Biology Program



Zooplankton of Saskatchewan


Cladocera Website




Limnology Plankton Ecology Home Page


Ostracode Diversity




Image-Based Key to the Zooplankton of the Northeast


Rotifers of Large Rivers



A Contributions Page within the Zooplankton Project that contains images of taxa from around the world.


This site contains a database of cladocerans, including images, taxonomy, cladoceran researchers, and more.


Photographs of freshwater plankton from Europe.



Photographs of freshwater ostracodes, designed as an image-based key to help identify biodiversity in freshwater environments.


Rotifers, cladocerans, and copepods from the northeastern United States (University of New Hampshire).


Photos from representative rotifer genera occurring in large rivers in the central US.

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